Zone Technical Management is fully committed to achieving and maintaining high standards of health and safety throughout all areas of its business.


This policy confirms our intention to take all reasonable measures to conduct our business operations in a manner that promotes the wellbeing, health and safety of all of our employees and all other persons that may be affected by our business activities. Our commitment extends to the trade contractors we employ, clients, third parties that we work with (designers, consultants and supply chain), visitors to our projects and members of the public.


To allow us to meet the legislative requirements of the Health and Safety at Work (etc) Act 1974 and our own specific objectives.


Adherence to such management systems will ensure that:


All reasonable steps are taken to minimise accidents and incidences of work related ill health to our employees,    clients, supply chain partners, third parties, visitors and members of the public.


As far as is reasonably practical, risk control is considered and managed in a consistent manner.


We provide information, instruction, supervision and training to all of our employees appropriate to their roles and    responsibilities within Zone Technical Management.


We consult and communicate with our employees over health and safety issues.


Suitable and sufficient resources are given to health and safety and welfare across all levels of the business.


We monitor and review our health and safety performance on a regular basis and with the aim to continually improve.


A positive health and safety culture is promoted and given the highest level of priority across all levels of the  business.


Overall responsibility for this policy rests with the Zone Technical Management Main Director. Each employee has a duty both morally and legally, to comply with this policy and all relevant legislation.


This policy is reviewed annually by the MD for Zone Technical Management.



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